Solar Powered LED Pole-Mounted Luminaires


Our most powerful self-contained solar LED luminaire to-date, the SCL2 is capable of delivering excellent lighting performance in a wide range of pedestrian and parking lot applications.

The SCL2 is a fully-integrated solar LED area light that is an ideal choice for architectural, commercial and pedestrian lighting applications. A timeless and simple design, the SCL2  seamlessly fits into any setting. With robust construction and unequalled solar powered performance – the SCL2 is an excellent fit wherever high-quality lighting, free from the constraints of grid power, is required.

Utilizing solar power and LEDs, the SCL2 is completely self-contained and offers significant benefits:

  • Cost effective design ships fully assembled and installs in minutes
  • Low installation cost and minimal site impact with no trenching, cabling or wiring
  • Minimal ongoing costs with no electrical bills or bulbs to change
  • Operates entirely independent from the grid and is immune to power outages
  • A sustainable choice without recurring carbon emissions

The performance of the SCL2 is maximized through the use of a proprietary Energy Management System (EMS). The EMS automatically and adaptively configures the SCL2 to ensure that lighting performance is optimized under all solar and site conditions. Leveraging the EMS, the SCL2 provides solar powered lighting that is reliable, efficient and easy to use.

Product Downloads

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Self Contained

Stylish enclosure containing the LED module, battery and lighting controller.

Bluetooth Controlled

Wireless control and communication with your light.

Minimal On-going Costs

No electricity charges or lamps to change.


Exceptional 8 – 10 year lifecycle.

Easy installation

Ships fully assembled and installs in minutes.

Minimal site Impact

No trenching, cabling or wiring required.

Imune to power Outages

100% solar powered.

LEDs and Optics

100,000 hour L70 lifetime.