T-BAR LED – Acrylic Signage


A minimalistic low voltage linear lighting fixture that snaps tool-free into the grid with minimal labour, actually taking the place of cross members in a ceiling suspension system. The T-BAR LED is not just an LED light fixture but a part of the ceiling assembly, reducing building materials, labour and waste on a job site, all while saving energy.


Product Concept

The T-BAR LED Directional Sign is made of PMMA acrylic with diffusing edges to allow for the double function of lighting device and signage. This is a great solution for customized signage that also maintains a modern uniform lighting design throughout the architectural space.


Anodized and painted aluminium extruded body, steel mounting clips, white PC end caps, acrylic block, satin edges and clear sides, to allow the light to diffuse. Laser etched letters or logos as per customer request. Custom sizes and colours available upon request.




T Bar LED Brochure