T Bar Two


A minimalistic low voltage linear lighting fixture that snaps tool-free into the grid with minimal labour, actually taking the place of cross members in a ceiling suspension system. The T-BAR LED is not just an LED light fixture but a part of the ceiling assembly, reducing building materials, labour and waste on a job site, all while saving energy.


Product Concept

The T-BAR TWO offers a combination of dual optics controlled by a dual circuit for flexibility in multi-purpose spaces while also providing a visually comfortable environment. The diffusing portion provides direct lighting using a micro-prismatic lens for a controlled distribution with even illumination. The cut-off reflector uses individual optics for a concentrated angle of light on the desired task area without unwanted glare on certain objects such as TV monitors. T-BAR TWO also functions as an integrated part of a building design by replacing the cross members of a suspended ceiling.




T Bar Two Brochure