Regio 6 Apron

Redefining the power

Specially designed for areas with higher light output requirements, REGIO provides extreme power, and yet still highly precise optics. With its modular structure and flexible design, there is an option from the REGIO family that will successfully illuminate large areas such as stadiums and airport aprons.

  • – Glare management with special lens system
  • – Indirect lighting with reflector technology
  • – 5 different beam angle options
  • – Easy installation and maintenance with modular structure
Light distribution
Nominal LED lumens flux
120420 – 129600 lm
Nominal LED power
870 W (700 mA)
Colour temperature
3000 K CRI 80, 5700 K CRI 70, 4000 K CRI 70
Lifetime L90B50
>60, 000 hours