154 LED Plane Projector

Description – LED Plane Projector
With adjustable mounting arm for mounting to a special column top or wall bracket
Colour – RAL 9006 Silver, other RAL colours on request
Beam Type- Various
System Power– 40w, 80w, 120w
Colour Temperature  – 3000k, 4000k, 5700k
Luminous Flux – Various
Beam Angle –  Various
Control Gear Connection – 
Integral constant current electronic control gear 176-264V 50/60Hz
Control Gear Connection 2
Active Temperature Management Control
5 Pole terminal block
 Connection cable 0.6m concealed in mounting arm
Corrosion resistant aluminium housing AlSi31
 Powder coated, stove enamelled
 Safety glass clear
Dimensions and Weight
Weight – 5.5KG
Width – 282mm
Height – 104mm
Depth – 403mm without arm
Windage Area – 0.04m2
Ambient Temperature – -40°C..55°C
Protection Type – IP67
Electrical Protection – Class 1, optional Class 2
Guarantee – 5 Years
Special paint finish
Special cable