School Zone Speed Sign

School Zone Signs

School Zone Speed Sign

School Zone sign is designed to provide a safer environment around schools for children, parents and teachers by temporarily reducing the speed limit during high risk periods ie school start & end times and other special school related events.

The sign incorporates flashing wig wags and (LED) components which are only displayed at programmed times, making the sign more effective by enhancing driver awareness.
Combined solar power and wireless communication means the signs are self-sufficient and don’t incur any expensive installation costs generally associated with power and communication line trenching and routing.

Features and Benefits

  • LED Technology
  • Timer based activation
  • Solar panel charging system
  • Wireless controller
  • Optional power sources
  • Built in data logger
  • Optional Alarms
  • Low power consumption and low maintenance cost
  • Signs activate at the start and end of school days only
  • Can be installed in areas where no local power supply available
  • Control of the sign is done by wireless communication
  • School Zone signs can be powered from street light power if available
  • Records activation times to legally support any law enforcement
  • The system can send a SMS text message to alert supervisor of an issue

Product Downloads

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