Radar Speed Signs

Radar Speed Signs

Solar radar speed signs provide visual enforcement of the designated speed and a proven ability to influence driver behaviour to reduce speed. The radar speed sign detects the speed of each vehicle as it approaches, displaying the vehicles speed in red when over the designated speed limit and in green when below.

Radar Speed Signs are used as a traffic calming device in addition to, or instead of physical devices such as speed humps. Typically installed in areas where speeding vehicles are in close proximity to pedestrians such as school zones, construction zones and residential areas. The unit is available in either a fixed or portable version. Drawing <0.8amp/h, the radar speed sign is simply and effectively operated using solar energy. The display brightness changes between day and night further conserving battery life.

  • Signs manufactured to Australian Standards using 3M reflective material
  • Increase the visibility of the message and improve safety
  • Reduces the speed of traffic by creating awareness of speed limit
  • >72 hours autonomy
  • IP65 Waterproof design
  • Day and/or night operation
  • Quality Lithium-ion battery
  • Simple to install – secures to a 76mm sign post
  • Efficient and effective visual enforcement
  • Doppler radar K-Band, 24.1250Ghz technology
  • Portable or Fixed versions available
  • 2 year warranty for faulty workmanship or component failure not influenced by external means.


Technical Data

LED Screen 380 x 500mm
Sign 1000 x 640 x 100mm
Display Colour Red/Green
LED Wavelength Red:620/Green:525
Luminance Density ≥6000cd/m2 Outdoor Highlighted
Viewing Angle 60°
Viewing Distance 1 – 200m
Speed Range 1 – 99 km/h
Fixed Sign Material Aluminium/3M reflective
Radar Frequency K-Band, 24.1250Ghz
Radar Range 1 – 150m
Radar Accuracy <±1Km/h
Battery Specifications 60Ah 12v (720Wh) Lithium-Ion
Power Consumption Max 11W Average ≤2W
Solar Panel 18v 90w
Autonomy >72 Hours
Recharge < 5 Hours
Mounting Height 2 – 2.5m
Display Brightness Automatic
Waterproof Rating IP65
Warranty Period 2 years

Product Downloads

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