OL2A General Purpose Hazard Marker

General Purpose Hazard Marker

OL2A General Purpose Hazard Marker

The OL2A is a solar safety light ideal for marking railroad blue safety flags, barricades, obstacles and other hazards in mining, obstruction and construction zones.

This compact, self-contained marking solution provides premium reliability and excellent value for use in hard-to-access locations.


  • Installs in minutes; “out-of-box” operation– pole and flange-mount options available
  • Low maintenance with replaceable and recyclable AA NiMH Batteries
  • Auto dusk-to-dawn function
  • Energy-saving automatic light control feature for prolonged battery life and optimum operation
  • Peak intensity of 29 candela with 40 user-adjustable flash patterns
  • Waterproof; IP 68 immersion
  • UV-resistant and ventilated battery compartment
  • High-efficiency solar panel and high-powered LED
  • 15-year life expectancy, 3-year warranty

OL2A Models & Options 

The OL2A is available in various colour configurations depending on your application. Check the specifications to see the intensity settings for each colour option. Peak intensity is dependent on your location and selected flash pattern.

Flange Mount with ON/OFF Switch:

The OL2A with an ON/OFF switch option lets you easily turn the light on and off when needed. When the switch is in the ON position, the light will charge during the day and turn on at night. When the switch is in the OFF position, the light will still charge but won’t turn on at night.

Flange Mount without ON/OFF Switch:

The OL2A without an ON/OFF switch is preprogramed to turn on at night. Simply mount the light where you need it, and it will automatically charge during the day and turn on at nightfall.

Pole Mount:

Ideal for fencing and barricade lighting applications, the pole mount OL2A easily mounts to various pole sizes and comes preprogramed to turn on at night. Check our specification sheet for mountable pole sizes. The pole mount option is not available with an external ON/OFF switch.

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