Mobile Speed Indication Unit

Mobile Speed Unit

Mobile Speed Indication Unit

Our Mobile Speed Unit is a custom designed, trolley mounted SID Sign. The unit has all the functionality of a standard SID sign while having the advantage of being highly compact and portable.

Our MSU unit is ideal for large warehouses, manufacturing plants, industrial sites, depots and car parks where speeding is a potential issue.

The advantage of our MSU unit over the pole mounted SID Sign is the MSU unit can easily be relocated, keeping the relocate cost down and keeping the unit effective.
The unit is easy to use and has two programmable thresholds, a lower limit and an upper limit. When the vehicle is detected, the vehicle’s speed will be displayed on the screen. If the vehicle is over the set upper limit the sign will display SLOW.
The MSU unit features a SID unit, a “Your Speed” static sign, a 40W flexible solar panel and a mains power socket for battery recharging.


  • Portable / compact design
  • Light weight
  • Highly visible LED screen
  • Inbuilt radar
  • Reflective Your Speed static sign
  • 12v charger with mains socket
  • 40w flexible solar panel
  • Two stage activation

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