Vanguard High FTS 270 Obstruction Light

L-856/L-864 LED High Intensity Obstruction Lights

Vanguard High FTS 270 Obstruction Light

The Vanguard High FTS 270/FTS 372 lighting system is comprised of high, medium and low intensity LED obstruction lighting. The system provides white lights for day and twilight and either red or white lights at night.

It is designed for structures FAA towers B3-B6, C3-C6, F3-F6 and G3-G6, such as broadcast communications towers, smokestacks, chimneys and bridges.

Engineered for maximum LED life, the feature-rich Vanguard High product line provides ultimate serviceability, easing troubleshooting and minimizing downtime if maintenance is required.


  • Single panel integrating white, red and infrared LEDs that complies with FAA Engineering Brief 98 and eliminates the need for additional red beacons
  • Standard integrated GPS provides mode change backup using sunrise/sunset data to change mode in case of photodiode failure
  • Altimeter sensors detect errors in a beacon’s tier location, eliminating installation errors and pinpointing the location of the beacon on the tower in case maintenance is required
  • Industry-leading 25 kA surge suppression rating, protecting against 99% of lightning strikes when properly installed and grounded


  • SMART Card – Monitor and control the system remotely and receive full diagnostic information through LTE modem or Ethernet-based connectivity; SNMP, Modbus or Eagle protocols may be used; included on all systems
  • Graphic annotated tower on webpage interface provides clear status of modes and alarms and facilitates deeper monitoring and analysis of individual lighting elements
  • 7 standard alarm dry contacts
  • Optional Wi-Fi Interface – Offers command and control capabilities on mobile devices local to the site
  • Optional Relay Expansion – Allows up to 28 additional dry contact alarm points for greater insight into cause of alarm


  • Pre-terminated quick connect cables with twist-lock plugs reduce installation error and enable troubleshooting flexibility
  • Remote firmware upgrades can update boards on the tower as well as the ground, reducing the need for truck rolls and tower climbs
  • Local mode override at each light unit speeds up troubleshooting

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