Approach Lighting System (ALS)

Approach Lighting System (ALS)

Approach lighting systems provide visual information on runway alignment, height perception, roll guidance and horizontal references.

They are critical during transition from interment flight to visual flight for landing. Our ALS is ideal for permanent, temporary, emergency and military airfields.

  • FAA, ICAO and UFC photometric compliant
  • Ideal for permanent, temporary, emergency and military airfields
  • Easy to install, configure and maintain

When landing aircraft, an ALS is critical during the transition from instrument flight (IFR) to visual flight (VFR).

Our ALS features:

  • Advanced LED optics with no high voltage cables or bulb changes
  • Designed for portable or fixed applications
  • Visible and optional Infrared (IR) operating modes
  • Optional wireless control provides on-demand operation from up to 4 km (2.5 m) away
  • Optional control tower integration and ARCAL
  • Solar, AC or battery powered options
  • Our ALS is compliant with international standards for approach lighting systems and accommodates a wide variety of layouts including:
  • ICAO Simple ALS
  • FAA Medium Intensity Approach Lighting (MALSR)

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