A704VL – Helipad Lighting

Helipad Lighting

A704VL – Helipad Lighting

The A704-VL meets traditional helipad requirements in an easy-to-install, low maintenance package.

  • ICAO and FAA compliant
  • Third party tested
  • Proven technology platform
  • Available in three solar engine sizes


  • Helipads
  • Touchdown and Lift-off area (TLOF)
  • Final Approach and Take-off area (FATO)
  • Taxiway lighting
  • NVG operations
  • Emergency operations


  • Improved optical efficiency with latest LEDs
  • Up to 25% more power with high-efficiency solar panels
  • Reduced standby power consumption
  • Multiple solar engine sizes for best value-for-performance


  • Limited crew, no trenching, no helipad interruptions. Just place the
  • A704-VL and it emits light dusk-to-dawn while maintaining its battery.
  • Optional wireless control provides on-demand operation from up to 4 km (2.5 m) away.


The A704-VL integrates solar panels, battery, electronics, and LED light source into a compact, stand-alone unit requiring minimal maintenance. The replaceable battery extends service life well beyond 5 years.


The Energy Management System (EMS) monitors all operations to provide consistent output in the harshest environments. Testing to ICAO, FAA and MIL specifications ensures high performance for many years.


With thousands of installations worldwide, Carmanah solar LED lights operate year-round at permanent airfields and temporary military installations.

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