Poli Post Top


Poli (πόλη), which in Greek means “city”, is our new post top, a lighting unit designed for urban centres. Cities where people walk, stop and meet, designed not only with respect for regulations, but also for the environment and the citizens. It furnishes urban spaces with elegant and essential forms, pure and linear, which are emphasised at night by the light, enhancing the landscape with illuminated shapes.

Thanks to the slight recessing of the optical surface, the product offers elevated visual comfort. From the aesthetic to the mechanical design, every aspect has been studied in great detail. Every choice made, from the components to the materials and the finishes, has contributed to rendering Poli solid and reliable, as well as completely recyclable, satisfying environmental sustainability requirements demanded by an eco-design approach.

Energy savings are guaranteed not only by the use of LED technology, but also via the multiple options available for the adjustment of the light flux.