Classic Arm Suspension

An urban and residential public lighting luminaire featuring a classic design that fits perfectly into city centres and historic settings. It can be installed laterally to a pole (Ø 60-76-102 mm poles) or a wall by means of special arms fitted with a suspension attachment.

Colour standard: dark grey Sablé 100 Noir. Optics for lamp versions: cycle path, street and large beam. Optics for LED versions: street LT-M (street width / pole height ratio = 1) and street LT-L (street width / pole height ratio = 1.25). Colour temperature: 3000K and 4000K. CRI  Ra ≥ 70. Average LED lifetime 80000h@700mA@Ta25°C TM21. Self-learning systems (virtual midnight) with programming options and PLC systems available on request.

Classic – DATA SHEET